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Version History

October 19, 20183.43Major Update

The updated version of Duplicate Remover will remove duplicate items correctly even with the latest Windows October Update.

July 17, 20183.42Major Update

This is a routine update dedicated to make sure product runs stable and without issues on latest environment, therefore includes latest versions of components.

Components used:

  • Lib4Team 3.90.396.0
  • Lib4Updates
  • Redemption
  • Outlook Premium Support

December 15, 20173.41Major Update

The purpose of this update is to improve the Similar Contacts Search and Merging process. Several issues were fixed.

Functional Updates

  • Similar Contacts Search was divided into 2 phases – in first we show only groups that have at least 2 contacts selected for merge. After this phase user is asked if he wants to continue with contacts that have only some matching data. In second phase we show groups which contains the similar contacts, but no contacts already selected for merge.
  • Company contacts (which are the ones with empty First Name and Last Name, but with Company filled in) are now considered similar and selected for merge in case any of Address, Phone or Email is matching.
  • Duplicates comparison algorithm was improved to disregard empty symbols when comparing Event or Journal Subjects.

Issues Fixed

Outlook Duplicate Remover Issues:

  • User Interface issues with higher DPI (>100%) settings were fixed.
  • "Duplicate Remover" caused Outlook to crash after clicking "Select another folder" when searching and merging search folders.
  • Outlook 2016 disabled the add-in because of the slow start.
  • Only one field is shown as a conflicting in contacts details and "Conflict" icon tooltips in "4Team Duplicate Remover - Review and Merge contacts" window, when several conflicting fields are contained in contacts.
  • Several other cosmetic fixes were done.

June 20, 20173.40Major Update

The purpose of this update is to introduce a new feature to Duplicate Remover which lets customer review and merge individual groups of Contacts Duplicates manually.

Functional Updates

  • “Review and Merge” functionality for Contacts – you can review each duplicates group individually, select or deselect contacts you want to merge and merge each group separately. User can open and edit duplicate contacts in Outlook straight from this dialog as well as Dismiss groups that appear to be not duplicates.

Issues Fixed

Outlook Duplicate Remover Issues:

  • Add-in was disabled because of “slow start” on Outlook 2016, Windows 10;

January 20, 20173.30Major Update

This Duplicate Remover update includes the implementation of improved continuous wizard.

This Duplicate Remover update includes the implementation of improved continuous wizard. With this wizard, the user starts from merging duplicates in Step 1, removing junk items in Step 2 and merging similar items in Step 3. Also, some changes were made to improve user interface.

October 31, 20163.26Major Update

This update includes one important bug fix and updated program’s components (Redemption library and Lib4Team) to ensure better performance and stable work with latest Microsoft Outlook without issues.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed crash when merging Contacts in folders that contain Global Address List / Skype for Business Contacts.

March 30, 20163.25.0125Major Update

Duplicate Remover has been updated with an improved installation process.

November 5, 20153.24.0124Major Update

This update addresses several issues that occurred in the previous version related to Windows 10 and Lib4team.

Issues Fixed:

  • Due to Lib4Team issue Microsoft Outlook stopped working in case the German language Duplicate Remover was started;
  • Duplicate Remover would not run on Windows 10 in case .NET 3.5 was not installed;

October 9, 20153.23.0121Major Update

This update is dedicated to make Duplicate Remover work on Windows 10 and Microsoft Outlook 2016. It also includes many important bug fixes which improve overall product stability and performance.


August 15, 20133.21.0118Minor Update

This update deals with the Duplicate Remover installing incorrectly on computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook. Installation now automatically detects computers running “Click-to-Run” version of Outlook 32 bit or 64 bit and installs the appropriate edition.

March 4, 20133.20.0117Minor Update

This new version now offers German and French languages support, and includes some latest bug fixes.

Functional Updates:
  • German and French language support has been added
  • Tested on Windows 8 and Outlook 2013.
Issues Fixed:
  • The add-in would not start automatically and required Outlook restart, if it was previously disabled manually by the user and then enabled again using Outlook Add-in settings.

August 3, 20123.10.0112 Major Update

This update offers new functionality - to find and review contacts that look similar and choose which contacts you want to merge.

Functional Updates:

  • New wizard to find and merge similar contacts has been added. Now you can search and review contacts that are similar, and merge selected ones with the new easy-to-use wizard
  • Review of suggested contacts. The Similar Contacts Merging Wizard also suggests additional contacts that require manual review and can be included in the merging process.

May 2, 20123.00.0106Major Update

This update includes additional functionality – search and removal of Junk Contacts.

Functional Updates:

  • Search and removal of junk contacts. Contacts that contain very little information can now be found and removed using Junk Contacts Wizard.
  • Management of found junk contacts. It allows reviewing each found junk contact and updating it if necessary.
  • Custom user properties support. Now custom user fields from the duplicate items are also merged into the resulting item.
  • Address field merge algorithm improvements.

Issues Fixed:

  • Add-in would not start on Outlook 2003.
  • Duplicate phone numbers from different fields were merged into the resulting contact leading to duplicate phones.
  • If an original conflicting contact had empty phones, emails or addresses fields, they were not replaced by other values during merging in some scenarios.

January 13, 20122.20.0095Major Update

This release now supports Outlook 2010 64-bit edition. It also offers the updated wizard design and the latest issue fixes.

Functional Updates:
  • Support of Outlook 2010 64-bit edition has been added.
  • Redesigned User Interface. The new design of wizard is now adapted to match the latest Windows and Outlook versions.
Issues Fixed:
  • Duplicate items with the non-standard message class were not detected and processed.

June 30, 20112.10.0089Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Optional merge for duplicate items with conflicting fields has been added. Now the items that have conflicting fields are also suggested to be merged on the 2nd duplicate search attempt. The original items are backed up into a separate backup folder.
  • Improved detection of duplicate all-day events. Duplicate detection of all-day events, that have the same name and time difference less than 24 hours, has been improved.
Issues Fixed:
  • Contacts having the same address would not be detected as duplicates, if address parts were saved differently in contacts.
  • The wizard could not be started in Outlook 2007 and 2010 when the To-Do Task view was open.
  • In some cases the application would crash during Outlook 2000 start.
  • In some cases the duplicate search progress bar would show incorrect status compared to the shown percentage.
  • In some cases the installation would not proceed on Windows XP systems showing the error message that there’s not enough disk space on C: drive.
  • Labels have been added to ribbon controls in Outlook 2010.

July 7, 20102.00.0084Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • New simple wizard. With just one click of a button you will remove duplicates in all Outlook folders.
  • Unique duplicate detection algorithm. Duplicate Remover uses an advanced algorithm to find, merge or remove Outlook duplicates.
  • Sophisticated merge algorithm. Duplicate Remover employs a sophisticated merge algorithm. It ensures better Outlook duplicate management by merging similar items in all Microsoft Outlook folders automatically.

December 1, 20091.10Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • New Report of Found Duplicates. The updated report dialog with a list of found duplicates simplifies the process of reviewing your duplicates.
  • Many improvements to duplicate search algorithm have been made. New additional search options for some item types are added. Empty values are now also compared with other values during duplicate search.
  • Support of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.The product was tested on Windows 7 and updated to support Outlook 2010 already. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010
  • Many minor issues fixed
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from any previous version
  • The trial will not be extended if any previous trial version was installed

February 3, 20081.02Minor Update

September 18, 20071.00.0060Major Update


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