Version History

octobre 6, 20234.10.0187Major Update

New version with some stability and performance improvements, as well as text updates related to German and French versions.

Functional Improvements:
  • German and French language corrections have been made in different application dialogs.
  • Newly designed Windows Toast Notifications are introduced to notify about product updates and other product related events.
  • Tested with latest editions of Microsoft 365 and Windows 11.
Issues Fixed:
  • On some dialogs English texts were shown instead of German / French.

janvier 25, 20234.01.0183Major Update

This new Duplicate Remover update introduces better performance and stability with latest Outlook versions.

Functional Improvements:

  • Wizard starting logic is now improved to increase the launch speed  
  • Loading animation has been added to the Outlook folder selection dialog

mars 10, 20214.00Major Update

New Update includes frequently requested feature - Advanced Configuration Wizard from Duplicate Killer. The duplicate removal process now splits into 2 different scenarios - automatic and manual duplicate removal scenarios. The duplicate removal process available in the previous versions of the application is now named as “Automatic” wizard. Due to customer requests, we have implemented the “Manual” duplicate removal process for more advanced scenarios and more control over the de-duplication process.

Functional Updates:

  • Manual Wizard - NEW! Includes a more detailed step by step process on how to process or remove duplicates. Manual wizard includes the following features:
    • The wizard has a more sophisticated algorithm of finding duplicates.
    • Select more than 1 folder to remove duplicates in. Can set which folder to prioritize when selecting multiple folders to remove duplicates in.
    • Selecting which properties to compare when searching for duplicates.
    • Selecting what to do with duplicates - remove, move to another folder, flag, categorize, etc.
    • Search for duplicates modified only within specified time range.
    • Selecting which item should be considered as original - item with more non-empty fields, oldest item, largest item, item that contains longer values, last modified item, etc.
    • Review every duplicate before starting processing. Can choose change which item should be considered as original. Duplicate can be chosen as not duplicate before starting the de-duplication process.
    • Can choose to add data from duplicates to the original item.
    • Get a detailed review of what was done with the duplicates.

Issues Fixed:

  • User interface issues with higher DPI settings were fixed.

septembre 21, 20203.45Major Update

The update fixes an issue that was introduced during last update.

Issue fixed:

  • Tray menu will now close automatically if Microsoft Outlook is closed and there are no application' dialog(s) / processe(s) open or in progress.

juillet 16, 20203.44Major Update

New functionality - application can now be started as a standaloone, without starting Microsoft Outlook!

Issue fixed:

  • When large amount of items are being processed, Microsoft Outlook will not become notresponding or be blocked by the application.

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