Customer Testimonials

Dec 3, 2014

Duplicate Remover helped me a lot with duplicates in my contacts folder. It is easy to use and works well. Can assure you what their customer and tech support is really good, as I've been using Sync2 for a long time, and they've been helpful all the time.

Danny, Canada

Oct 7, 2014

I am using Outlook in my bussiness, so I am doing big work with it. I have lots of contacts, a numerous of different calendars. So I cant avoid duplicated events or contacts. I decided to try this stuff. I am using another tool from this company which works excellent. I have contacted sales representative to discuss about solutions. Sales representative was very friendly. I have purchased and installed this soft. Worked amazing, its easy to use, works fast. No duplicates after using this remover.

Smith M., USA

May 30, 2014

What I loved the most about this program that it detects junk contacts and allows you to update them with useful data or simply remove. I recommend this Outlook Duplicate Remover to other Outlook users.

Paul R., USA

June 25, 2013

I've just tried out the Duplicate Remover and it is great! My Outlook looks much more clear now. The greatest things is that it suggested to merge all the contacts that were similar - no more duplicate contacts for me!

Marie Lintz, Germany

Feb 18, 2013

TOP 1 add-on in eliminating outlook duplicates. The product did exactly what it said and I found it very useful. I tend to get many duplicates during sync problems with my laptop and smartphone, and Duplicate remover resolved those issues very efficiently.

Steve Kondrat, USA

July 22, 2012

Great tool, and it’s so simple to use. It’s very nice that you thought of other options dealing with duplicate contacts. To all of those who still think if they need Duplicate Remover: you need it. With the merging similar contacts feature it saves a lot of time and takes care of a very frustrating job.

Maria Lewis, USA

Apr 19, 2011

One of my partners recommended this product to me. I am very happy with the purchase so far. Outlook is very important in my everyday work and this software helps a lot to keep it running properly. Good job!

Henry Broadwick, USA

Mar 10, 2011

The software did everything what was promised - simply and quickly Outlook became dupe free…

Carl Frosh, UK

Feb 25, 2011

Duplicate Remover saved me a lot of time. I cleaned all my Outlook folders from duplicates in few minutes. Good thing all deleted items are backed up; I looked through them quickly to make sure there is nothing what I needed.

Harry Gilliam, USA

Feb 21, 2011

I want to thank you guys for great software. I couldn’t believe after two mouse clicks I was duplicate-free. It is so easy to use and works great! Thank you again!

Daniel Dole, USA

Jan 17, 2011

I‘m glad I’ve found this product. It is just what I needed – quickly cleans my inbox and makes my Outlook work faster. I totally recommend it for everyone.

Diane Hudson, USA
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Customer Testimonials
I was very impressed with the product and have subsequently purchased a licence. It did exactly what was said and I've found it very useful. I tend to get many duplicates during sync problems with my smartphone, so this resolves those issues very efficiently."
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