Remove Junk Contacts in bulk with Outlook Duplicate Remover Add-in

Clean up useless Contacts from Microsoft Outlook in one click

Duplicate Remover is a time-saving software tool for Microsoft Outlook that keeps your Contacts junk-free. Using simple trash collection rules the Duplicate Remover software quickly detects, groups and removes useless Junk Contacts from your Outlook’s address book in bulk.
Contacts are considered as “Junk” if there is only one field (first name, email, phone, etc.) or several really not important fields are filled in. Such contacts may be in the address book after they are added automatically from emails you send or receive, during synchronization, or manually by mistake. Such Junk Contacts are constantly added to Contacts folder and result in you having a bunch of useless contacts you do not want.
It is very hard to find and clean up Junk Contacts manually. Duplicate Remover will clean up your address book in seconds. You just select a Contacts folder, click “Remove Junk Contacts” and in a few moments you will get a report of found and grouped Junk Contacts.

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Remove Junk Contacts from Outlook in one click

Duplicate Remover allows you to review, edit and save the found Junk Contacts that you want to save before removal. By clicking on the filtered out groups, each contact can be updated in the table. Duplicate Remover automatically offers the closest value from all existing Microsoft Outlook Contacts, so empty fields can be quickly filled. Save the updates and you will have the updated contacts in your address book. Other contacts you don’t need will be deleted.

Edit found Junk Contacts in the table

Duplicate Remover Junk Contacts Cleanup tool includes:

  • Search, filter out and group Junk Contacts.

    Duplicate Remover quickly finds Junk Contacts in the selected Contacts folders. The found results are presented in the report, where Contacts are grouped by field’s name, and you can review different groups of Junk Contacts before removal.

  • Remove Outlook Junk Contacts in bulk.

    All the found Junk Contacts can be removed within one click of a button at once. Save time and forget about deleting useless contacts manually. Run Duplicate Remover Junk Contacts cleaner once in a while and your Microsoft Outlook Contacts will always be junk-free.

  • Review Junk Contacts before deleting. Edit contacts that you want to save.

    Edit the found Junk Contacts, save the changes and append your address book with valuable contacts. The updated contacts will be unchecked automatically from the list of contacts to delete.

  • Quick editing of Junk Contacts. Auto-suggest drop-down list created from existing Contacts.

    The found Junk Contacts can be conveniently edited in the table. Duplicate Remover automatically offers to choose field values from existing Outlook Contacts data. So contacts can be quickly updated and saved.

  • Time and cost saving tool. Keep Contacts folders clean from Junk.

    Junk Contacts are added to the Contacts folder from time to time and there is no way to avoid that. But you can save your time, cost and energy using the Duplicate Remover Junk Contacts cleanup feature. Run it once in a while and keep your address book clean from useless contacts.

Get rid of junk contacts on all devices and accounts

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